Metal and gourmet cooking. I just made you cringe, didn't I? You probably just envisioned some neck-bearded basement dweller cooking EZ-Mac, am I right?

No? Well maybe you pictured some scrawny, pretentious progressive metal fan in his Yngwie Malmsteen t-shirt cooking in his immaculately kept kitchen with his scalloped fretboard Stratocaster encased in glass in the background. Gotcha there, right?

I am proud to inform you that we are none of these. (Also that you will never, ever have to put up with prog-metal in any of our posts.) What are we then? A couple of metalheads that live for punishing blastbeats, great booze, and superb cooking. Residing in the city of Philadelphia, Grim Kitchen is dedicated to bringing you recipes, music reviews, tales of adventures into the heart of this grim city's culinary world, and few surprises from the unknown void that is your future.

Don your earplugs (if you must) and prepare for brutal music and awesome food.